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Exciting News!

Launch Date

June 21st

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Exciting News!

Our WeeklyroadMAP
Launch Date

June 21st

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Guest Speaker
Dave Savage – June 21st

Dave Savage is passionate about turning loan officers into the first responders of the financial literacy crisis. He founded Mortgage Coach to help lenders provide the best financial advice to the borrower. Dave is also the proud co-founder of FirstHome IQ, a nonprofit dedicated to solving the financial literacy gap for Gen Z and first-time home buyers who want to buy their first home.

Empowering Mortgage Professionals with Unparalleled Industry Intelligence

The WeeklyroadMAP call is the cornerstone of success for mortgage professionals, providing a platform to advance and excel in today’s competitive market. By fostering confidence, connections, and community, this transformative call empowers participants to become better in every facet of their profession.

Joining the WeeklyroadMAP industry call elevates mortgage professionals to new heights of excellence. Through expert insights, collaborative discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities, participants gain the tools and knowledge needed to thrive. Attendees sharpen their skills, streamline processes, improve their prospecting, and enhance efficiency, to help them navigate all markets.

Moreover, this call hones sales acumen, equipping professionals with persuasive interest rate market and innovative strategies to outperform competitors. It cultivates a culture of continuous improvement, nurturing market leadership abilities and fostering a collaborative spirit essential for the success of both you and your team.

In addition, the WeeklyroadMAP call keeps participants ahead of the curve by delivering timely industry news, analyzing historic mortgage data, and forecasting upcoming trends. This deep understanding of market dynamics allows professionals to make informed decisions to educate their clients and referral partners with confidence.

Furthermore, participation in the WeeklyroadMAP call enhances professional reputation, positioning attendees as respected thought leaders within the mortgage industry. By sharing expertise and contributing to meaningful discussions, individuals establish themselves as trusted authorities, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships. Additionally, this engagement adds significant value to referral partners, strengthening professional networks and enhancing collaborative potential.



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Subscription Highlights

Unique Offering

Your subscription service isn’t merely a call; it’s a community and class in mortgage excellence led by industry veteran, Brian Hale.

Live Updates

Every Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, subscribers will have exclusive access to a live session that provides an up-to-the-minute sales and market update.


Understanding the busy schedules of mortgage professionals, each session is recorded. Subscribers can listen at their convenience, ensuring they never miss out on valuable insights. This call is portable; it remains with you even if you switch employers.

Data-Driven Analysis

Subscribers receive data-focused updates on market trends, sales dynamics, and economic indicators. This data is curated to highlight what is happening now and what it means for the future.

Strategic Content Mix

Each session is carefully structured with a blend of market analysis, sales tactics, strategic advice, and motivational content. This holistic approach ensures subscribers are well-equipped to tackle both the strategic and psychological aspects of the industry.

Expert Perspectives

“My View of the Market” segment offers Brian’s personal analysis, providing a rare opportunity to gather insights from a leading expert. Brian’s perspective is not just based on data but on a deep understanding honed over four decades.

Innovative Sales Ideas

Subscribers get access to creative sales concepts and strategies that can set them apart in a competitive industry.

Featured Guest Speakers

Frequent segments featuring unique and hard-to-access guest speakers who bring valuable knowledge and skills, offering fresh perspectives and wisdom.

Motivation for the Field

Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, including proven sales leaders, success stories, and unique perspectives, conversations are designed to be motivational, pushing professionals to evolve and grow even in challenging markets.

Community and Network Building

Subscribers become part of a group of mortgage professionals, fostering opportunities for networking, collaboration, and growth.

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