Leveraging decades of industry experience and our wealth of acumen to make sound business recommendations, we’re your trusted partner, deftly navigating you through every challenge and ensuring you succeed.

Mortgage Advisory Partners CEO

Brian Hale

CEO, Founder

Mortgage industry veteran with 40 years of experience in virtually all areas of the mortgage business.

Tracie - Senior Managing Partner

Tracie Lewis

Senior Managing Partner of Financial Planning & Analysis

Experienced in all channels of mortgage lending, including third-party originations, Distributed Retail, Direct to Consumer, and Joint Venture partnerships.

Tammy is Mortgage Expert

Tammy Richards

Expert of Process Improvement

Quality management, compliance, technology, process digitization, risk management and leadership development.

Kathleen Vaughan - Expert of Mortgage

Kathleen Vaughan

Mortgage Industry Consultant

Development of a global workforce, managing offshore vendors and leading large projects in the Correspondent & Wholesale channels.

Denise is Managing Director

Denise Abbrederis

Managing Director of Program Management

Strategic planning, development of plans and execution with focus on people, processes, technology and customer support in highly regulated environments.

Blythe Hughes

Blythe Hughes

Human Resources Consultant, Executive Coach

Executive and leadership coaching, strategic planning, human capital management, compensation design and planning, culture management, project management, M&A planning and execution, divestitures, marketing, and corporate communications

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